#1 TRUTH you MUST face before you can EVER love your body

I’ve been working on body love for over a decade. I’ve spent most of my time, energy and resourses trying to answer this: how the heck do I actually like myself and my body?

And what has all this searching taught me?

Quite a lot…

I see people struggle so much with coming to understand who they are within the body they inhabit.

But I want to share something brutally honest with you…

Something that I’ve had to learn the hard way, the long way, and have also seen thousands of others struggle with on their road to becoming at peace with themselves.

Want to know what? It’s something ANYONE and EVERYONE must admit to before ANY type of change can happen.

And I talk honestly about my own confessions around body love in this More to Love LIVE segment – so watch it and see just what I mean.

Because without this critical first step to body-love, you can forget about moving forward.

Yeah I’m being pretty blunt here but it’s worth it — you’re worth knowing the truth and most important tips I can share (because I’ve been there.)

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