3 Reasons Why You Still Struggle to Love Your Body

Do you ever have those days where you think: Why can’t I figure this body-love stuff out, once and for all?

The thing we struggle with the most is usually what we desire the most. If you’ve been at a never-ending tug of war with your own body, you know how much feeling good in your skin matters.

It’s why the term “body love” is everywhere. It’s a lovely promise of total freedom from the worries and battles you’re used to.

“If I could just figure how to LOVE my body…. I’d be fixed!”

I’ve said this more times than I can count. And I speak as someone who both needs, learns AND teaches the ins and outs of body-love.

Loving ourselves is a victorious prize. Struggle, difficulty, sticking with it, grit, perseverance ….good qualities, right?

Except those are all qualities of diet mentality.

The sneaky world-view of diets can enter into our experience with body acceptance.

There are common tricks we ALL fall for on the road to body-love. In my recent More to Love LIVE, I talk about three of the mind-traps most people get stuck in, and offer tips on ways out.

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