5 Ways To Start Trusting Your Body TODAY

Over the years, I’ve discovered simple ways to boost body-love which don’t take much time. Habits practiced daily make learning to love yourself easier. 

Below are five of my go-to’s for when I need to reconnect and find deeper appreciation for my body. And I think no matter where you are on the path to body acceptance, each of these can make the experience much more rewarding for you. 

#1 — Say “Thank you” WAY more often

Honestly, do you acknowledge what your body is doing for you right this moment? You’re upright, breathing, able to read, THINK. Recognize that without doing anything your body is perhaps the most incredible functioning life form EVER. 

Say thanks by reminding yourself: My body makes it possible to experience all the joys in my life.

#2 — Touch Your Tummy

The stomach is a sensitive part of your body and may carry a lot of shame with it. But how often do you give yourself permission to feel your stomach for what it is? Lay your hands on it, feel it rise and fall as you breath, notice the sensations and warmth as you send it love. This simple act alone is a very powerful one in body acceptance. 

Get comfy with your tummy as you touch it, saying: My stomach holds wisdom and I honor it with my loving touch.

#3 — Name Beyond the Pain

Sometimes your body will hurt and that is OK. But try to go more into the sensations of the pain. Is it tightness? Heavy? Ache?  Have a color? Temperature? Mood? When you name something, it helps to feel more aware of what your body is experiencing. And often, it softens the hurt. 

Try this the next time you’re feeling something: I am not in pain, I have pain, and I have the power to comfort it with loving kindness. 

#4 — Follow Your Intuition

Listening to your gut takes practice, but a simple way is to start is recognizing your true thoughts about a situation and give yourself permission to express them. We often suppress our inner voice out of fear of being judged for it. So take it small, pay attention to what your intuition is telling you and give yourself some space to follow it. 

Hunker down and say this when needed: I know what is best for me and I trust in my ability to follow my intuition. 

#5 —Believe You Can Trust Your Body

Seems a little redundant, but perhaps the biggest step to learning how to trust yourself is actually believing it’s possible. Mindset when learning to love your body is 90% of it, and giving yourself permission to believe it’s not just possible, but OK to trust your self, will help make acting that way easier. 

Give yourself more credit and repeat this line: I hold an infinite capacity to love and understand my body’s wisdom.

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