Advocacy work to end size-discrimination

Since March 2020, I’ve been a vocal supporter of passing legislature that tackles weight/size discrimination in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Working alongside STRIPED at Harvard University School of Public Health, I have provided written + verbal testimony to MA lawmakers, shedding light on this critical issue. If passed, the bill will ban body size discrimination and protect all Massachusetts residents by adding height and weight to the list of protected identities alongside gender, race, etc. This is a milestone in body equality and one I fully support. 

Ways you can support this cause

If you live/work in Massachusetts and don’t know who your state senator is, you can find their name and email address by entering your address at this link:

If you are willing, we ask that you please send an email to your senator urging them to support the bill. STRIPED made an email template, where all you have to do is copy/paste the text into an email and fill in your name and city/town. The template can be found at this link: Please consider sharing this template and the “ask” widely with your MA networks.