The Truth About Your Inner Troll

If you had to guess, how many times a day do you listen to that little voice inside tell you, “Eh . . . you shouldn’t do that”? If you have a voice like that . . . welcome to being a human! You’re not weird, broken, freaky, or messed up. Everyone has a little inner critic that loves […]

Breathe and Say “Yes, this.”

Has this happened to you? You feel anxious, exhausted, tired, mad, weepy, over-working and under-resting. Like you’re paddling upstream but staying in the same spot.  This year has been filled with personal and professional milestones that I am proud of, but honestly, am surprised after all this I can’t seem to shake the monkey of […]

You Are Allowed To Enjoy Your Body, Too

A turning point in my body love came when I dared to believe that I was capable of enjoying life more in a large body. For years, I poured my energy into weight-loss with one goal in mind: to be a better version of myself. Only then, would the world open up to me. Misguided, […]

Video: How to be Your Own Valentine

Self-love is a life long practice. Let’s face it…romantic love often steals the spotlight. How we go about loving ourselves independently of others loving us can be challenging. In my LIVE chat, I dive into the world of self-love beyond the romantic ideas. I get real honest about my personal struggles with the “L word” […]

Yoga Moves for a Good Night’s Rest

Rest is seen as both a dirty-word and a luxury. In this More to Love Yoga LIVE chat, I share my evening wind-down routine which includes yoga. I also talk about WHY I do certain things before bed to get my mind and body in a place to ease into rest.

3 Reasons Why You Still Struggle to Love Your Body

Do you ever have those days where you think: Why can’t I figure this body-love stuff out, once and for all? The thing we struggle with the most is usually what we desire the most. If you’ve been at a never-ending tug of war with your own body, you know how much feeling good in […]