#1 TRUTH you MUST face before you can EVER love your body

I’ve been working on body love for over a decade. I’ve spent most of my time, energy and resourses trying to answer this: how the heck do I actually like myself and my body? And what has all this searching taught me? Quite a lot… I see people struggle so much with coming to understand […]

Get excited…plus size online yoga classes!

The problem with (most) yoga studios When you’re plus size, yoga is intimidating. Plus size myself, I know it’s hard to shake the awkwardness of being the biggest person in a yoga class. Too many of us with large bodies feel left out of yoga. It seems like standard yoga studios don’t cater to our […]

Plus Size Yoga from More to Love Yoga

WATCH! Bank of America profiles More to Love Yoga!

More to Love Yoga™ video from Bank of America! Three years ago, I could not have envisioned sharing with you a film featuring me and my business created by a major company. Why? Because three short years ago I had only a handful of students, no regular schedule – but I did have a simple […]

More to Love Yoga

Plus size yoga is awesome

Are you plus size and want to try yoga? By now, you’ve heard of yoga and maybe even tried a class or two. It does wonders for stress and pain management. And let’s be honest…the attire is fun, colorful and trendy. BUUUUUUUUT Yoga is very intimidating when you’re plus size. The way big bodies are […]

Meet Johanna

Meet Johanna

A Worthy Journey Meet Johanna What is your favorite part of More to Love? Community is so key in this journey to body acceptance, as our society marginalizes fat people. So having people who understand where you are coming from is hugely important. The More to Love online e-course has helped me a lot in [...]