My natural approach to managing PCOS

After I wrote this letter in response to a reader titled “I have PCOS and feel embarrassed by my body,” I’ve received lots of questions about how I’ve naturally reversed my own symptoms of poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). For those who aren’t aware of this syndrome, PCOS is a hormonal imbalance that has a wide-range of […]

Yes, big girls can do intense workouts!

On Sunday, May 19, I attended the Wellness By The Water Retreat, a day-long fitness & wellness urban-escape hosted by two inspiring wellness coaches in the Boston area. We got our sweat on, our health on, our nutrition on, and our fun on. The day was split up between a sampling of various exercise genres […]

Reader Q&A: I have PCOS and feel embarrassed of my body

I received this deeply personal and touching question in my inbox and wanted to share my response here, because I know many other women will be able to relate. Dear Rachel, I’m having a hard time accepting my look and size. I’ve been crying, am angry and unhappy with all this, but at the same time my […]

Join the “I’m proud of my size” photo-project!

Last night something awesome happened after I posted this photo: I saw another blogger do this on her photos, so I wanted to try it for myself. I then invited other women to send me their image & dress-size, and I made graphics for their photo and shared it on my Curvy Girl Facebook page.  […]

Someone always bursting your bubble?

Sometimes I get little thoughts that pop suddenly into my mind and last night while getting on the train, one hit — enjoy 🙂 Be wary of those who always try to burst your bubble, because they foolishly believe that in trying to diminish your happiness they might have a shot at finding their own.

My weight-story made Huffington Post!

I was recently featured in the amazing Huffington Post, which is often called “the front page of the Internet.” You can check out the story here -> The Repairer  How I learned being overweight doesn’t mean I’m broken.  It still amazes (and humbles) me that even a year ago, I never would have imaged writing about my […]