Are strangers making fun of you behind your back?

Check out this photo series of a woman capturing as she explains “strangers making fun of her behind her back due to her size.”  Woman Photographs Herself Receiving Strange Looks in PublicMy thoughts on this —> From personal experience, if you want to believe the worst of what people are thinking of you, guess what — […]

Can you love your body AND still want to lose weight?

Inspired by a video post (see below) by fellow curvy-girl & yoga rock star, Anna Guest-Jelly of Curvy Yoga, I wanted to chime in and offer my own thoughts on a very important (and tricky) question she received from a reader: “It it possible to fully accept my body while still eventually, wanting to shed some pounds?” […]

Wellness by the Water Retreat + give away

For those in the Boston area, or anyone who wants a fabulous weekend get-away, I’m letting you know about the Wellness By the Water Retreat happening on May 19, 2013 at the fabulous Le Meridien Hotel in Cambridge. This day-long retreat, co-founded by Kendall Covitz owner of On An Inhale, will take place in the hotel […]

Could this be the BEST advice ever?

How much would you pay a person to tell you the correct answer to nearly every single one of your pressing life questions? And would you think I was totally nuts if I gave it away to you for free? (Plus, another important tip is down below…) So — here you are! The best advice you’re ever going to […]

Recipe: Portabella Tuna Melts

I love making up meals on the spot, so this weekend for lunch I threw together a very quick, very easy AND yummily healthy meal — all from ingredients I had on hand. Portabella Tuna Melts Two large-cap portabella mushrooms 1 can of tuna (preferably the good stuff in-oil) 1/4 cup shredded low-fat cheese (or whatever […]

Your Turn: Can you really overcome weight-issues?

I’m opening up the floor to hold a thought-full conversation with my community & beyond around a topic that comes up a lot for those who are trying to change their weight and body-image struggles.   Q’s: What does it take to overcome weight/body issues? Is it even possible to? Sharing personal stories & connecting […]