Body Positive Style Guide: Inspiration For All Shapes & Sizes

WERK IT, GIRL — styles that flatter your body is a super-duper rule you should learn if you wanna rock your unique fashion style. Love this little cheat-sheet below and can I get an AMEN for the apple shaped ladies!! Yeeeaaahhh. Click the link to take you to the larger image. Oh and SHARE IT […]

Are you being a bully to your body?

My Monday morning started with a groan & eye-roll because the truth was burning loudly throughout my body: you totally screwed up this weekend, Rachel. And I did. I ate foods that my body didn’t want and it let me know it by feeling full, sluggish and overall uncomfortable. But I also noticed something even […]

Too fat to be fit?

Grab a post-it, write this down & stick it to your mirror: I can absolutely be happy & healthy at my current size. How so? Because the common assumption of  fit = thin is WRONG! And now, a special quote from Mr. Webster: “Fitness (n.): The state or quality of being fit, e.g. physically or […]

5 Rules for Curvy Dating Mastery

Six years ago, I couldn’t get a real date to save my life. I blamed nearly all of that on being a size 14/16 and used my weight as a shield to deflect getting rejected. When you’re overweight  you come up with all kinds of reason why dating sucks, like “guys are such jerks! They won’t even […]

Wanna know an easy way to live your heart’s desire?

Are you creating and living intentions that have the capacity to totally transform your life?“Intention?” you might be wondering, “what does that have to do with body image & self-love?” Everything my dear, everything! Many joys in my life have been the result of intentions coming to fruition. And no, it’s not voodoo magic; it’s quite […]

A year totally worth celebrating (in photos!)

Welcome 2013!!  But before I jump into this new year, 2012 for both Undercurrent Coaching AND myself have been nothing short of AMAZING. So rather than tell you why, I’ll show you some photo highlights of why this past year was so awesome 🙂 Wishing you all a very happy New Year ahead! Best, Rachel O’h-Uiginn […]