My #1 secret to plus-size running

Myth: big girls can’t run. A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about the myth of being “too fat to be fit” and just wanted to share something that I’ve personally done to help me become more active with a running routine. *DRUM ROLL* JUST RUN AT WHATEVER SPEED DOESN’T KILL YOU.  Seriously, it took like […]

Describe your style in 10 words

Let’s play a game! Describe your style in 10 words. Here is mine: Lively, colorful and fitting because I like sharing my spirit. If you’re on Twitter, share it and include the hash-tag #style10 or include me @RachelTheCoach 🙂 Or post in the comments below & I’ll Tweet it around. Let’s see how creative you can be! This post is stolen inspired […]

Body Positive Style Guide: Inspiration For All Shapes & Sizes

WERK IT, GIRL — styles that flatter your body is a super-duper rule you should learn if you wanna rock your unique fashion style. Love this little cheat-sheet below and can I get an AMEN for the apple shaped ladies!! Yeeeaaahhh. Click the link to take you to the larger image. Oh and SHARE IT […]

Are you being a bully to your body?

My Monday morning started with a groan & eye-roll because the truth was burning loudly throughout my body: you totally screwed up this weekend, Rachel. And I did. I ate foods that my body didn’t want and it let me know it by feeling full, sluggish and overall uncomfortable. But I also noticed something even […]

Too fat to be fit?

Grab a post-it, write this down & stick it to your mirror: I can absolutely be happy & healthy at my current size. How so? Because the common assumption of  fit = thin is WRONG! And now, a special quote from Mr. Webster: “Fitness (n.): The state or quality of being fit, e.g. physically or […]

5 Rules for Curvy Dating Mastery

Six years ago, I couldn’t get a real date to save my life. I blamed nearly all of that on being a size 14/16 and used my weight as a shield to deflect getting rejected. When you’re overweight  you come up with all kinds of reason why dating sucks, like “guys are such jerks! They won’t even […]