Is being considered plus-sized going mainstream?

It appears that a new trend is taking shape among celebrities and the fashion world that has me cautiously optimistic: a sharp rise in pop culture icons embracing their curves and publicly denouncing their body critiques.

I’m bringing CURVY back

Did HELL freeze over? Did I actually post this photo across my social feeds and did people respond with amazing kudos and support? Since ditching the diet mentality, these past few months have been some of the joyous I’ve ever felt. I use to down-play my body type by covering it up, considering my wider hips, broader […]

If you do not think you deserve it, no one else will think so either

So I did something special for myself — I booked a weekend at Kripalu in western Massachusetts. It’s a yoga and wellness center that I’ve been dying to visit ever since I realized such a place existed. But don’t think I’ll just be doing yoga and hugging trees for a weekend … oh, no. I’ll be […]

The very naked truth: I’m coming home, baby!

I will work with plus-sized women who see their weight as the source of their unhappiness and believe that it’s holding them back from finding love and living life to the fullest. I will help them feel for the first time how love of self reigns supreme and through strengthening this core piece, all else becomes possible. I will encourage and show them they CAN have it all no matter what their pant size says and most importantly, they will experience first-hand that being happier doesn’t only need to come from being thinner.

The Repairer: How I learned being overweight doesn’t mean I am broken

This post is a very personal one because I’ve never openly shared this aspect of my life. To be honest, I’m nervous just posting it! But perhaps it’ll resonate with others too and I find healing in sharing my vulnerability.  Since the age of twelve, I’ve been overweight. All of my adult life I’ve been […]

The 5 Stages of Body Acceptance

Having been on a personal body acceptance path for over five years now and helping other women do the same, I have realized there are 5 stages people go through. I think stages are great reference points for us all, and while no one’s story is exactly the same, it helps to know you’re not […]