How to be Fearless and Sleeveless this Summer!

Show off your guns! It’s weird how we associate certain body parts with fear and loathing. I don’t know of too many people, no matter their size, who get terrified of showing their EARS in photos. But arms? The horror! How scandalous! We turn into a Victorian woman, covered up for modesty-sake…but maybe your idea […]

3 Ways to Move Beyond Past Body Shame

When I was eight, my ballet teacher told me I didn’t have any grace. What was a casual, off-handed statement for her became a filter through which I viewed so much of myself worth. The stories of our past can impact us today in ways we wish they wouldn’t, especially for those of us who […]

You Are Allowed To Enjoy Your Body, Too

A turning point in my body love came when I dared to believe that I was capable of enjoying life more in a large body. For years, I poured my energy into weight-loss with one goal in mind: to be a better version of myself. Only then, would the world open up to me. Misguided, […]

Scared to Try Yoga? Do This.

My first yoga class was terrible. Right off the bat, one thing was obvious: I was the biggest person there and felt intimidated. Around me, everyone seemed so confident in their thin, flexible bodies, ready to go and very focused. It was hard not to feel clueless. I didn’t know how to sit on my […]

plus size yoga

Looking Back: More to Love in 2016!

2016 was quite the year…a lot of ups and downs for sure, we lost music icons who made our lives vibrant, rode the waves of an unprecedented U.S. election, and even got a taste of arctic air much sooner than we were ready for. But let’s not forget: we did A LOT of More to […]