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The problem with (most) yoga studios

When you’re plus size, yoga is intimidating. Plus size myself, I know it’s hard to shake the awkwardness of being the biggest person in a yoga class.

Too many of us with large bodies feel left out of yoga.

It seems like standard yoga studios don’t cater to our bodies. It’s frustrating to figure out poses that simply don’t work for bigger bellies and/or other body parts. Smaller-size teachers, while well-intentioned, don’t take the time to learn what makes us comfortable. It’s not their fault though- it’s hard to understand what a big body needs. And yoga simply hasn’t factored us in.

But that’s a shame, especially as two-thirds of American’s are plus size. There are a lot of people who would LOVE to try yoga…but can you blame us for our hesitate? I want to help you see that yoga CAN be something you enjoy, YES even in a plus size body.

Any maybe you’re reading this with skepticism – I totally get it.

To bring yoga to bigger bodies, I created More to Love Yoga and it’s been a quite successful. I specialize in making yoga work for your body-type and promote body-love lessons along the way. In three years, I’ve taught yoga to people of all shapes and sizes, ages, abilities, and experiences. More to Love Yoga is a welcoming way to feel included in yoga – right in your home.

Practice More to Love Yoga at home

Yoga studios are not the only place to do yoga. Our lives are busier than every and we need more relaxation in mind and body. Home Body by More to Love Yoga is my online yoga course for plus size bodies. No worry of fitting in here — you’re safe in your home AND learning yoga from a bigger person. Feeling safe physically, mentally and emotionally is very important to folks living in larger bodies. The world is not a kind place, and that fear is intensified even more when we enter into “fitness” spaces. You don’t want to deal with judgmental glances AND the struggle of making yoga poses work!

So when I created my new online program, I wanted people to feel comfortable…literally in their home AND their body. The video lessons of  Home Body are friendly and informative. And because we’ve all got busy schedule, the program self-paced and works on all digital devices like laptops, desktops, mobile phones – I got you covered!

Over the course of 20+ videos, Home Body teaches you the essentials of a well-rounded yoga practice with attention given to poses and yoga classes that increase flexibility, build strength, develop balance, and relaxation. Most importantly, together, we will build your confidence and knowledge of yoga and your body! Home Body is excellent for beginners and includes a quick start training on how to get started with a yoga practice right in your home.

With 1,000 hours of professional training plus a decade of personal yoga experience, Home Body is guaranteed to help you blossom into an inspiring yogi, no matter your size. I know Home Body by More to Love Yoga will give you the motivation and roadmap to make yoga a beneficial part of your life.

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