I Am More to Love Collection

More to Love Collection

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More to Love has always been bigger than one person alone.

In the past three years, we have welcomed over 1,300 individual people in our weekly More to Love Yoga class. Most have never practiced yoga before; most come with bodies that traditional yoga spaces have never prioritized; all know what it’s liked to feel judged.

But through our experience together of one hour devoted to yoga and body acceptance, all have left More to Love Yoga feeling more whole, more loved from the inside out than when they arrived. At least, that is my goal as founder and Chief More to Lovely – to have everyone feel welcomed and cared for.

But I don’t do it alone.

One of the pillars of More to Love’s approach to body acceptance is sharing your story with others because it’s how other people become sparked to participate in their own body-love.  Over the few years, many Lovelies have truly embodied not only the MTL spirit on their yoga mats but out into the world.  And it’s been a vision of mine to be able to share with you some of their faces and personal stories.

The I Am More to Love Collection is a glimpse into the real jewel of More to Love: our inspiring community comprised of ordinary people who are doing something extraordinary, daring to love their bodies and life, any size. This collection just the start – and a mighty one – of what I hope builds into a robust gallery of More to Lovelies.

Is there a Lovely you relate to? Who inspires you? What little step can YOU take this week to be More to Love?

Thank you to the photographer, and More to Lovely herself, Janelle Leroux for taking these beautiful images and being a wonderful collaborator on this project. Thank you to my dearest friend, Jenna <3, for creating the I Am More to Love poster. Thank you also to Borealis Yoga Community for letting us use your luminous space.

But most of all, thank you More to Love community, to these Lovelies profiled, to all the Lovelies yet to join us. Know that each day I am working to create a space and experience that honors all of you. I do it because it’s valuable, needed, and most importantly, in my ability to.

I hope you become as inspired by these Lovelies as I continue to be.

More to Lovingly Yours,

Rachel Estapa