I’m bringing CURVY back

Did HELL freeze over? Did I actually post this photo across my social feeds and did people respond with amazing kudos and support?
Since ditching the diet mentality, these past few months have been some of the joyous I’ve ever felt. I use to down-play my body type by covering it up, considering my wider hips, broader shoulders and belly to be …well….gross.

I feel so grounded and at peace with my new attitude and outlook on myself and my body. And that deeper confidence is showing through in how I dress and present myself. COLORFULLY. LIVELY. PROUDLY. 

As I’m researching other coaches and thought-leaders in the body-positive movement, I’m astonished by the fact that I was so ignorant to this area for so long. But that’s not surprising when I think about it — we see the world with the eyes we have. Now that I’m actively searching for new contacts, inspiration and connections, the body-positive arena is OVERFLOWING with amazing women who are allowing their natural beauty and confidence to shine.

And for the first time I thought to myself “I’m home..I’m finally home.”

The issue that brought me so much pain for so long, my struggles with weight and body image, has become my most sacred and special place. Rumi is dead-on when he recited the line:

 “Through Love all pain will turn to medicine”

I’m excited to walk down this new path, helping women (and men too!) turn their body-pain into medicine for their spirit. It’s happening..we’re all growing more whole with Love, and I’m so ready to do my part <3

Curvy with confidence!


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