Is your wellness approach working?

Is your wellness approach working? Are you exhausted from your efforts and best intentions? Do ask yourself “why can’t I do this wellness-thing like so-and-so…?”

You are not alone. And while I’m at it…welcome to this club!

What does wellness really mean?

Many of us have a complex history of experience around what it means to be “well”. More to Love believes wellness is not a set-in-stone thing. Wellness is balance between four relationships: your body, mentality, heart + whole person-ness. I’d like to explore the ignition that sustains our wellness efforts: worth…and it’s the why we give a damn.

We start here because worth is the oomph that gives your life meaning and purpose.  Worth is the value you place on something. Consciously or unconsciously, our values shape and direct actions and effort in life. The strength of the connection to our own worth impacts how we view + treat ourselves. We act in wellness each time we pause to acknowledge if the choices before us align to our values. Worth is your anchor + guiding star.  This is why so many attempts at “wellness” fail: we’re missing the actual target of what helps see us through. Wellness cannot be sustainable unless worth is factored in.

What helps?

Yoga + meditation help us practice – without scrutiny – how to connect into and lead by our own sense of worth. More to Love’s mission is to help you get there. Our personal wellness roads are open-ended and ever evolving. Wellness through the lens of worth allows you to create a life that stems from your true values. When you’re clear on your worth, you can build a sustainable plan around it.

So…is your wellness approach working? Getting that clarity takes patience, support + gentle practice. That’s what we do in More to Love Monthly, a private group for More to Love community members. Each month, we focus on a self-growth theme to guide our practices. We also gathering to share our stories learnings + offer support.
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