Meet Johanna

Meet Johanna
Meet Johanna

A Worthy Journey
Meet Johanna

What is your favorite part of More to Love?

Community is so key in this journey to body acceptance, as our society marginalizes fat people. So having people who understand where you are coming from is hugely important.

The More to Love online e-course has helped me a lot in this, in giving me community and realizing that body love and body acceptance is a worthwhile goal to fight for and struggle with. More to Love Yoga gives me a fun, in person community and a way to center myself in the craziness of everyday life.

What wise words can you share to help people just starting out?

Body acceptance is a journey – there are going to be good days and bad days. Everyone has them – even the body love superstars! Don’t let the bad days dim the light of the good.

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Don’t let the bad days dim the light of the good.

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