More to Love Monthly

Introducing: More to Love Monthly

More to Love Monthly is a monthly membership program offered by More to Love Yoga. More to Love Monthly supports wellness for body, mind & soul, no matter your experience or body size. Members receive new digital content each month to support body-loving yoga and wellness practices.

Types of digital content include:

    • pre-recorded yoga classes
    • recorded audio teachings & meditations
    • creative prompts for personal growth
    • livestream sessions
    • access to a private social network

Enhancing More to Love Monthly:

Monthly themes help focus and shape our learnings as we embody aspects of wellness. Content will support the monthly theme. Theme examples may include: RITUAL; SELF-CARE; COMMITMENT; NURISHMENT; JOY; etc.

December 2020’s theme is: COMFORT & JOY

How does More to Love Monthly work? 

On the first of each month, you receive an email that includes:

  • An audio teaching to introduce and frame the monthly theme
  • Two pre-recorded gentle yoga classes (each 30-ish minutes) that relate to the theme. One class will lean towards energizing, and the other, relaxing/restorative.
  • An audio guided meditation & creative prompt to help you grow
  • 50% discount code to apply to any two More to Love Yoga classes per month (renews monthly) comes to $10 a class.
  • Access to a virtual network (hosted by Discord, which is free and very secure) for connection, support & sharing
  • Invite to a members-only livestream held on the 21st of each month; will be a communal practice led by me, followed by a share-circle
  • Other goodies as the program develops

Cost & next steps

The fee to join is $45/month but as a Founding Lovely, you pay $30/month. Cancel anytime. 

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Become part of our body-positive wellness community, growing one Lovely at a time.