More to Love Monthly

Become a Member of More to Love Monthly

More to Love Monthly is a monthly membership program offered by More to Love Yoga. More to Love Monthly supports wellness for body, mind & soul, no matter your experience or body size. Members receive new digital content each month to support body-loving yoga and wellness practices.

Types of digital content include:

    • access to live & pre-recorded yoga classes for the monthly
    • audio teachings & meditations
    • creative prompts for personal growth
    • livestream sessions with community members
    • access to a private social network

Monthly themes (see below for current and past months) help focus and shape our learnings as we embody aspects of wellness. All content shared supports the monthly theme. 

April 2021 Theme: The Spirit of Renewal

This month, we’ll explore the Spirit of Renewal in Wellness. April is a natural time to envision and freshen up what’s possible in your wellness. Our weekly yoga sessions allow your body to move with freedom. Our guided meditations help sift and settle the chatter of our minds. Connecting with self compassion pushes the worry-thorns out of your heart. With support and community to guide us, we’ll each work to loosen the strangle of our “inner-vines” and become empowered to prune them. Become a More to Love Monthly Member

How does More to Love Monthly work? 

Around the first of each month, you receive an email that includes:

  • An audio teaching to introduce and frame the monthly theme
  • pre-recorded gentle yoga classes that embody our monthly theme
  • guided meditation to take your learning further and practice mindfulness 
  • digital worksheets & creative prompts to guide your personal growth & inspire action
  • 50% off code to apply to any More to Love Yoga session (live or recorded) comes to $10 a class.
  • Access to a virtual members-only network (hosted by Discord, which is free and very secure) for connection, support & sharing
  • Members-only Livestream held on the 21st of each month
  • Other benefits as the community & program grows. 

Cost & next steps

The fee to join is $45/month but as a Founding Lovely, you pay $30/month. Cancel anytime. 


Past themes:

March 2021 Theme: The Art of Savoring
For March’s More to Love Monthly, we’ll explore how the practice of savoring not only enhances, but accelerates body-love. You’ll learn what savoring is and how it positively impacts wellness. Savoring feels amazing and that’s where More to Love Yoga shines.  You’ll be guided through savory yoga, meditation & self-growth practices that strengthen your natural savoring ability.

February 2021 Theme:  The Path of Compassion
We’ll practice compassion pathways this month, together, incorporating personal experiences & More to Love’s  insights, informed by compassion-practices across yoga, meditation & self-growth.