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Plus Size Yoga from More to Love Yoga

More to Love Yoga™ video from Bank of America!

Three years ago, I could not have envisioned sharing with you a film featuring me and my business created by a major company. Why? Because three short years ago I had only a handful of students, no regular schedule – but I did have a simple idea: teach yoga to people who looked more like me.

The story of More to Love Yoga is both one of my personal transformation and communal celebration of cherishing bigger bodies in wellness.

More to Love Yoga teaches plus size yoga and celebrates all bodies, no matter shapes or size. As the creator and leader of More to Love Yoga, it’s been quite the experience building and growing a business that stems from my own heart (and pain).

Being large most of my life, I felt shame and frustration that yoga was not a welcoming place for bodies like mine. Inspired to change that, I create a plus size yoga practice that helps anyone feel good in their body. In three years, More to Love Yoga has grown (as has I) and I’m excited to share this journey with more and more people.

Plus size yoga gets some major love

Last year, my life and the life of More to Love Yoga changed immensely. I won the inaugural Grow your Biz Contest hosted by Mastercard and Bank of America. It was an amazing experience, one that I will never forget, and am still savoring and growing from.

Soon after, Bank of America wanted to share the More to Love Yoga story of a small business with a big mission: to help folks learn plus size yoga that equally respects and reflects what our bodies need. Honored, of course I said yes!

Lights, Camera, Action!

When I put out the call to invite More to Love Yoga members to be in the film, the response was amazing. We has a lovely morning doing our yoga – yes with some cameras in our faces – but it was the perfect way to capture how special and loving our More to Love Yoga community is. Working with Bank of America was an amazingly positive experience and I cannot thank them enough for supporting my work – as a small business leader and as a plus size body in the world.

Watch the full More to Love Yoga profile from Bank of America


Next Steps from More to Love Yoga

For me, this is one of those moments where I stop and pinch myself…“me? All of this because I didn’t want to keep hating my body?” 

And then my inner self-love comes in..

“Yes! Rachel, you bring this work to life so others can share it with you!”

More to Love Yoga continues to develop ways to bring plus size yoga to more people, in person and online. We are a welcoming, inclusive, heart-felt community grounded in making it easier for plus size bodies to enjoy yoga and wellness. As you read this today, I am developing online yoga programs and many more exciting opportunities to help you grow in body acceptance.

Stay tuned…we’re all in this together, Lovely <3

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