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Get started with virtual yoga

A personal yoga space can be a healing way to make wellness easier to follow at home. This is especially important now given COVID-19 (which I had and recovered from). Home morphing into work-family-school, it’s a strain on everyone. Since April, I’ve been leading virtual More to Love Yoga classes. It’s been an amazing way […]

More to Love Holiday Survival Guide!

  Holidays are here which means plenty of time to circle around your respective family and friend’s tables and all sing happily together, without any issues at all, glowing with the joy of the season and hope for the New Year. Rrrriiiiight. As wonderful as this time of year can be, it’s also packed full […]

The 4 Keys to Wellness

I live in a larger body and I value health and wellness. However, this path has been difficult because for most of my life, I believed my large body meant that I wasn’t well. I was told this in school, in doctors’ offices, and saw it played out in my family, my friends families, the […]

Courage and Vulnerability

Every day, we walk the line between vulnerability and courage. We often assume courage to be a loud, brazen act that requires attention and praise. The brave people do things without doubt, all in with gusto. But I’ve learned courage is perhaps one of the most quiet, subtle, smallest powers we can experience. Vulnerability is […]

The Healing Power of More to Love Yoga Retreats

Last week, a group of More to Love members joined me at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in the breathtaking Berkshire mountains for our second annual A Lovely Rising yoga retreat. For three days, our time was devoted to connecting with our larger bodies through yoga and other body-loving practices. More to Love Yoga […]

5 Ways To Start Trusting Your Body TODAY

Over the years, I’ve discovered simple ways to boost body-love which don’t take much time. Habits practiced daily make learning to love yourself easier.  Below are five of my go-to’s for when I need to reconnect and find deeper appreciation for my body. And I think no matter where you are on the path to […]

3 Ways Plus Size People Can Stay Cool This Summer

I need to make this point clear: I am NOT a heat person. I live in Boston and while winter is nearly 6 months long, I’m in my glory. Summer here is lovely too – but it can get humid and gross. And we don’t have A/C like the rest of the country does as […]

Assumption junction, what’s your function? Wasting your time — that’s what.

Assumptions are experience killers – you’re comparing a previous situation that might not have worked out well and assume that the same thing will happen again. It’s the perfect concoction of a “why bother?” mentality. Assumptions chip away at our ability to be open, curious and confident in ourselves.

The Truth About Your Inner Troll

If you had to guess, how many times a day do you listen to that little voice inside tell you, “Eh . . . you shouldn’t do that”? If you have a voice like that . . . welcome to being a human! You’re not weird, broken, freaky, or messed up. Everyone has a little inner critic that loves […]

Breathe and Say “Yes, this.”

Has this happened to you? You feel anxious, exhausted, tired, mad, weepy, over-working and under-resting. Like you’re paddling upstream but staying in the same spot.  This year has been filled with personal and professional milestones that I am proud of, but honestly, am surprised after all this I can’t seem to shake the monkey of […]