Plus size yoga is awesome

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Are you plus size and want to try yoga?

By now, you’ve heard of yoga and maybe even tried a class or two. It does wonders for stress and pain management. And let’s be honest…the attire is fun, colorful and trendy.


Yoga is very intimidating when you’re plus size.

The way big bodies are treated in wellness sucks. Rarely do wellness-focused businesses stop to think that bigger bodies are not all trying to change how we look, but are actually on the path of learning how to become comfortable in our skin. That is a hard road for anyone. And it’s even harder for a big body.

The thing is, yoga can totally help you feel awesome! Except that too many have experienced fear and doubt that they are capable (even welcomed) to try yoga.

If this sounds like you….well, Lovely…I’m here for you

This is me. Hi 🙂

Rachel Estapa More to Love Yoga

And this is my bigger belly…and arms…and well, just about all of me is “bigger” than your typical yoga teacher.

I’m not your “average” yoga body. I’m not your average yoga teacher. But I LOVE yoga, practice regularly and, teach it to many others who resemble (well, mostly) my body-type.

My [brief] yoga story

It took me years to learn how to make yoga poses work for my larger body. I felt like I was an outsider in yoga. I hid in the back of class, trying not to draw too much attention as I fumbled awkwardly.

At first, all the poses, names, and movements were hard – mostly because teachers were not able to teach them to my body. How come how come no one was being real about bodies that were not thin and already naturally flexible?

But the more I practiced, the more I fell in love with yoga and how it made me feel good in my body and mind. I moved away from shame to confidence in my size. It wasn’t a smooth road, but I knew it was valuable so I didn’t give in to the pressure to look a certain way.

It’s been ten years into my yoga practice and I’ve shared it with thousands of people along the way. More to Love Yoga is as much a personal way to practice yoga as it a movement for people in all shapes and sizes to enjoy yoga.

Plus size yoga is growing and I’m excited to have More to Love Yoga serve as a place for you to learn yoga and how to become friendly with your body.

It just takes someone to teach it, right? 🙂

If you’re down to try, come enjoy my free More to Love Yoga video

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