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Are you creating and living intentions that have the capacity to totally transform your life?“Intention?” you might be wondering, “what does that have to do with body image & self-love?” Everything my dear, everything!

Many joys in my life have been the result of intentions coming to fruition. And no, it’s not voodoo magic; it’s quite easy to experience the power between the intersection of meaningful thought and diligent action.

An intention is a sexy, new-age word being tossed around lately, but don’t make it harder or more sophisticated than it actually is. Intention simply means making a commitment to a value or priority while simultaneously backing it up with consistent action. It’s not a wish, an answer to a prayer, or a magic bullet to turn your life into something different.  Setting and living to an intention is all about the day-to-day conscious actions you take to support a vision which reflects your heart’s desire.

Simple, right? Not really? Example time!

About 6 years ago, I made the choice that it was time to really focus on my love life. While I had overcome some insecurities which held me back from dating, I was still clueless when it came to actually making it happen. I set the intention that for the next year, I would learn all about Love and put my authentic self out there.

Without action, intentions are dead ends. To support mine, I read books, poems and research on Love; I began a daily practice of writing & reflection before bed and devoted that space to expanding my own concepts and experience with Love; I joined Match.com and connected with people; I switched up my exercise routine; I smiled at everyone I met on the street; I chatted to men in coffee shops, and wore outfits I felt great in.

Some awesome shifts started happening. My life felt open, effortless and honest – I was sharing the best of myself with others and learning what Love meant for me. My work paid off because in that same period, I met my now fiancé. And I have many other examples of how intentions brought forth what I desired most from life.

When to use them

Intentions are a huge signal you’re sending out into the world that broadcasts “Hey look, I actually give a damn about myself and I’m willing to learn something important here!”

Intentions are helpful when:

  • you want to make a meaningful life change, but aren’t sure what the path ahead is
  • you’re tired of struggling with something and want to discover some clarity and peace of mind to help you move beyond it
  • you have a crystal clear vision and want to make sure your thoughts, words, actions and investments align to that vision
  • you’re ready to stop trying to get things perfect and are ready to open yourself up to a realm of new possibilities

When I first start working with a new client, we set an intention for our time together because it creates a purposeful space to allow for growth, curiosity, and opportunities to come forth.

Next week, I’ll talk about HOW to stick to an intention and even provide some great resources to help!

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