Why Yoga Will Level Up Your Body Love

You want to feel good in your body… but getting there is confusing, right?

But what if there WAS a way to rocket your body-love? What if you DID have a path to make sure your time and energy was being used most efficiently?

You’d feel really GOOD and PROUD!

In last weeks post, I talked about the #1 truth you need to face before you can have body love, so check that out if you missed. It sets nice groundwork for this convo.

In my recent video chat, I dive into a bit more of the story behind why I teach More to Love’s yoga as a tool for body acceptance. I talk about why it’s OK to feel awkward and scared (in fact, you need to own that) and also, what to expect when you keep doing yoga.

In short…yoga will level up your experience of body-love in a BIG, life-changing way.

Watch the recap of my More to Love LIVE (and join weekly too).

Ready to try More to Love Yoga in your home? Awesome, let’s get you started!

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