More to Love Yoga

Step with confidence onto the yoga mat, no matter your size.

More to Love Yoga™ is devoted to teaching bigger bodies yoga and aims to help everyone who joins feel harmonious in body, mind, and heart. Each yoga class thoughtfully weaves together traditional yoga postures that are tailored to reflect and respect the realistic needs of larger bodies. More to Love Yoga™ aims to help you and strikes a balance between gentleness of pace with opportunities to challenge oneself safely.

Led by Rachel Estapa, founder of More to Love Yoga™ and plus size woman herself, More to Love’s guiding principles are to help everyone to feel comfortable, capable, and confident in yoga. This is a non-competitive, non-judgmental, welcoming, and friendly environment for beginners and seasoned yogis alike. We provide plenty of supportive props, like blocks, soft blankets, extra-large straps and high-quality mats to borrow. Plus-size friendly chairs are also available.

Upcoming Events

Outside of our regular class, More to Love has additional events, classes and retreats.

More to Love Yoga Retreats

Stay Tuned for 2020 Retreats!