Yoga Moves for a Good Night’s Rest

Rest is seen as both a dirty-word and a luxury.

I have a hard time getting quality rest. As long as I can remember, my mind and body like to be active and doing stuff. This seemed OK for much of my youth and early adulthood. When I was less aware of how needed rest was, I was able to “push through”.

But eventually, that habit caught up with me.

A few years ago, I experienced major fatigue – no matter how much I rested, I simply couldn’t catch up. My mind was foggy, my mood irritable, and I had general aches and pains that didn’t go away. I ran out of my energy reserves and my body was craving “SLOW DOWN!”

I had to question a lot of beliefs I held about productivity, goals, my attitude towards rest. It’s in this time in my life where I realized yoga didn’t have to be a hard, physical thing. In fact, my personal yoga shifted to promote relaxation and ease. I enjoyed slower yoga classes, and movement that helped me calm my mind and body.

In this LIVE chat, I share my evening wind-down routine which includes yoga. I also talk about WHY I do certain things before bed to get my mind and body in a place to ease into rest.

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