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Life in a large body can be hard. Beyond our own complex and intimate relationships we have with our body, the world around us enforces a message of “something is wrong with you” if your size isn’t considered “normal” (whatever that even is!)

Hearing these judgmental messages over and over from society for years, even decades, it’s no wonder so many large bodies struggle with poor self-image. The shame and confusion around our body leaves so many standing by the sidelines of life, pouring time and energy into fixing ourselves with the promise of happiness as our reward.

More to Love® offers a way to press pause on the idea that something is wrong with your body-size. Through in-person More to Love Yoga® classes, events, and online-based programs, founder of More to Love®, Rachel Estapa, is committed to making it possibles for plus size people to experience wholeness in body, mind, and lead life from the heart of who you truly are, no matter your size.

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